When the twelve Founders gathered at the Croton Aqueduct on November 5, 1852, and agreed to incorporate the American Society of Civil Engineers and Architects, one can only wonder if they dreamed the profound significance and long-lasting impact ASCE would have on the overall development of society. They laid the foundation for what proves to be one of the most prominent engineering societies in the world. Today, ASCE members around the world provide the spark of ingenuity to improve infrastructure among other things. Members from the Puerto Rico section skillfully contribute to the overall vision at many levels, locally and overseas.


Civil Engineers are global leaders building and improving the quality of life at various aspects thought society. Providing safer infrastructure, and serving as the backbone for community services such as transportation, water, sanitary, electrical, waste disposal and communication systems.


Provide essential value to our members and partners, advance the civil engineering discipline, and serve the public good by encouraging our members to engage actively in the decision making process throughout the different levels of society.